We are a small, vibrant congregation of Christians who believe in the Word of God and follow Jesus Christ with all our hearts. We started here in Dublin, Ireland, in 1991, when a small group of Christians came over from London and other parts of the world.

Demographically we are made up of many nationalities. We are predominantly composed of families and we have an excellent children’s ministry that teaches the children on Sunday morning. Our members are spread all over the Dublin area and beyond. We meet for smaller group meetings in various locations around Dublin regularly.

Our desire is to know God as much as we can. We believe that everybody can know God by looking into His word and understanding His plan for our lives. His desire is to be close to us but we prevent this by our own reticence, rebellion and distraction.

We expect every member of our congregation to live a fully active Christian life, making use of the gifts God has given them. We believe it is God’s plan for Christians to work together and share our abilities ‘so the body of Christ will be built up’.

It is our mission to seek those who do not know God and help them to know and understand Him. To this end we teach the Bible to those interested in both congregational and one-on-one settings. We believe that becoming a Christian is a process of discovery, training, heart searching; and it takes time – not an emotional decision made in an instant.  The Christian life is fulfilling and encouraging – an experience beyond words but it is definitely not without substantial challenges. Our congregation is determined to help people to grow in their faith through both challenges and victories: this takes time, energy and love.

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Church Services

In response to government advisories regarding the COVID-19 virus disease, we have decided to hold our church services online until further notice. We will livestream our worship services via Facebook Live through our Facebook page. Please add us on our Facebook page: “ICOC DUBLIN CHURCH OF CHRIST.” Alternatively, you may also check the “Sunday Sermons” section of this website. Let us continue to pray for the coronavirus situation and its effect on the lives of people worldwide.

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